Behind the scenes

Every now and again we make a Behind The Scenes video for some of our projects. Here they are.

What’s a Catfish Collective?

It’s Daniella Orsini. Animator and Director.

Video made by Belafonte. We did the titles.

Harry Potter & The Triwizard Tournament

Just incase you ever wondered how to make a LEGO dragon fly… Here’s a quick look into how we made our latest LEGO Harry Potter animation. Pre and post rigging, blue screen and blu-tac.

The Making Of ‘Cheerios’

How much effort goes into making a stop motion animated Cheerios TV Campaign? This much.

The Making of Flora ‘Wrestlers’

A look into how we created the paper stop motion world for the Flora Family TV Campaign.

Zen and the Art of Paper Animation’

Catfish teamed up with Salt.TV at Cannt Festival to help bring calm to the chaos of creative desks.

We set up a workshop to introduce people to the world of paper animation as well as making their little paper pot of tranquility. A papery oasis of soothing, satisfying folds. And then everyone had a lovely relaxing time animating it. I feel calmer already.