Animation’s great. Fact. We loves it. We longs for it. We gets the shakes when it’s not happening. We needs it.

But we don’t stop at animation. Nope. We’ll squeeze into magazines, up all over billboards, down the side of bus stop six sheets. We’ll bark and wobble along the shelves and we’ll wave at you from product packaging. Just like these graphics we created for Flora’s print campaign.

Print Ads

Presenting m’lud with a most noble banquet of three crispy, creamy, fluffy courses. And yay, forsooth, all prepared with Flora Cuisine. Verily, ’tis low fat and tasty too.

Animal illustrations by Sir Pete Williamson the Brave. Agency creatives: Rob Bovington and Stephen Webley.

Key Visuals

What’s that you say? You’ve just seen your roadside, online and point-of-sale ads? And they don’t match your animation? Well we’re glad you told us. Because we can do the assets and layouts for your key visuals for you. So from now on you’ll have a library of ready-made materials to make all your big billboards and little wobblers. We did it for Flora and we’ll do it for you. Feeling better?