Brickheadz Heroes

Just a bag of bricks. Bricks bricks bricks. Nothing to see here, right?

Wrong. These bricks have personality. They’re heros. They’re villains. Some are even complicated hero-villain types. And they’re all here. Now. Waiting to be built. And only you can build them. They’re depending on you. That’s right, you. So be a hero for once. Or a villain. Or yeah like a hero-villain kind of thing. Whatever. Just be whoever you want so as long as you build build build.

Client: LEGO

Agency: Dazzleship

Written, directed and animated by Catfish Collective. Produced by Dazzleship. Sound design by Soho Square Studios. Model-making by Scarlet Turner. Comping by Graham Pearce. Finishing comp and grade by Catfish Collective.