Cheerios: Variety

Honey, honey, how you thrill me, aha, honey, honey
Choc-y, choc-y, you won’t kill me, aha, choc-y, choc-y
I heard oats are gluten-free
I wanted to eat all three
And now I know what they mean, think I’m gonna scream
Os you make me dizzy.

(Sorry. If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia then that probably means nothing to you.)

Client: CPW

Agency: McCann

Directed and animated by Catfish Collective. Produced by Be Animation. Animation assisted by Rhiannon Evans, Barnaby Dixon and Chloé Alliez. Model-making by Tom Ashton-Booth, Sofia Serrano and Phil Shaw. Agency creatives: John Hurst, Sally Bargman and Anna Ooft.