Cheerios Cheering

And now. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. They’re the whole-est of the whole grains. They’re free from artificial colours and flavours. They’re here; they’re ready; they’re tasty. Say good morning to the Os that make you go ohhhhh: the naturally delicious, the bowl-filling, the spoon-slurping-ly sensational Cheerios.

Have a look at our Blog to see the casting video for our little Cheerios superstars.

Client: CPW

Agency: McCann

Directed and animated by Catfish Collective. Produced by Be Animation. Animation assisted by Rhiannon Evans, Barnaby Dixon and Chloé Alliez. Model-making by Tom Ashton-Booth, Sofia Serrano and Phil Shaw. Agency creatives: John Hurst, Sally Bargman and Anna Ooft.