How’s your desk these days? Does it stress you out? All those post-it notes, the migratory ballpoints, the wrappers from last week’s lunches, the email alerts popping up on your screen, one after the other. Another lunchtime meeting is it. Yeah that’s fine. No you don’t mind. Course not. Sometimes you just want to scream, right? Bang your keyboard on the desk? Tip over a pot plant and just walk out?

Well you should have come to our workshop Zen and the Art of Paper Animation at Cannt Festival 2015. That’s where we got together with Salt TV to bring calm to creative desks.

Just think. You could’ve made a little paper pot of tranquility. A papery oasis of soothing, satisfying folds. Yes, you could have finally tamed that four-legged stress beast you call a desk.

Ah well. How about next time? But for now, you can watch a video of how it all unfolded (get it?) on our ‘Behind the Scenes’ page.